Pandora Charms UK walmart hatchet a

Customer launches soup cans at suspect to stop walmart hatchet a

Customer launches soup cans at suspect to stop Pandora Charms UK walmart hatchet a

Marshall police say captain christopher hamilton, Pandora a transient based in crawford, the state of north dakota, is liable for the attack.

Using the police report, hamilton entered the storyline wearing a large back pack with a brown dog on a leash.He proceeded to strike borrowers with a hatchet.

"When i more information walked toward the leading[of a store] acquire a soda, i saw there was blood and incapacitated.A lot of chaos going on and customers crying.Customers standing there bleeding and getting bandaged up, says stacy stewart who was at the shop when the attack happened.

"They didn't want any associates going outside and no some other clients were allowed in the store homepage because it was pretty much a crime scene, he admits that.

A walmart representative says one customer and two employees were injured in the attack.A female employee had the most severe of the injuries and did have to stay overnight in a healthcare facility.Your client was injured when he stepped in to stop the attack.

"We did have one customer who jumped in and came to the aid and he was slightly injured but luckily did not have to seek medical therapy, explains walmart representative betsy harden.

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