Air Jordan 3 on my ear all day

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I've just found a cold.From the next thunderstorm changing from hot to cold.Trying to find having headaches, vomitting, a sore throat, and today for a nice and having a really bad ear ache.I've been placing a hot pad Air Jordan 3 on my ear all day.I'm 9 weeks and 4 days expectant.Could this hurt the?Also i really have 2 cats.But i don't get new litter, my future husband does, but my cats like to leap up and lay next to me on the bed.Can this hurt your little one?Please let me have some understanding!Thanks!I don't think that having a cold can hurt the baby.The problem only starts if you can't keep any food or liquid down because then neither you or the baby are getting the nutrients you need.My advice is to get fantastic rest and drink lots of fluids.Way too, i'm almost positive that taking your cats lay next to(Or furthermore you)Wont hurt the baby.We lived with my parents when i was pregnant with our first(Now 9 months earlier)And it's my job to had.Cats crawling or laying all over me and my son is a wonderfully healthy little boy.Hoping our second will eat well too.Good luck and i think you'll feel better soon!

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