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Bill filed to put legalisation of medical marijuana on ballot

Floridians may get to vote on if you should legalize marijuana for medical use.

A bill was filed thursday in your house to put the issue on the ballot.

Nearly 60 percent of floridians already support the drawback and 15 other states have passed similar laws, which have generated sums of money in tax revenue.

Representative.Tim clemens(D lake valued)Has filed florida's first ever bill who wish to legalize the medical use of cannabis.

House joint resolution 1407 calls for the legislature to place the measure on the ballot for all floridians to actually weigh in on the issue.

Clemens issued this history on the bill:

You don't have an good reason for us to allow people to use synthetic drugs like oxycontin, methodone, percocet, in addition to prozac, but ban them while using a natural, less dangerous drug.Research upon research has shown that the use of medicinal cannabis can help those suffering from debilitating diseases.Who may perhaps jordan: against that?

Several health care pros and people with debilitative conditions joined clemens on thursday during a press conference announcing the legislation.Among the competitors was cathy jordan, 60, attached to bradenton.She has lived with als or lou gehrig's disease for 25 years and she says cannabis helps her manage the ailment.

"Cannabis is a neuro guard, zero oxidant, and anti-Inflammatory, said michael the air nike jordans. "I am here today to help patients and the families of patients with neuromuscular diseases and brain disorders to educate on their own cannabis.

The bill calls for medicinal cannabis in order cheap jordans shoes for sale to use only under certain conditions, your prescription of the drug by a physician, diagnosing of a debilitating condition, and restriction of use to places that aren't"In clear view of, or in a place lenient with, the majority.

It also states that insurance agencies are not required to cover medicinal cannabis, and that employers are not required to accommodate use at work.

But the true focus of the bill is providing natural relief to actions dealing with difficult medical issues.

"We have a fantastic opportunity provide relief to thousand of floridians, clemens had to talk about. "It would be madness to not proceed with letting the people of florida vote on this issue.

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